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Violence to innocent women and children is wrong where ever you find it, whether it is domestic violence or terrorism. Where you find one, you will find the other. I appreciate your contribution to this discussion and I believe that people can respectfully disagree. Hi Dr. Seifert - while I agree with you that people can respectfully disagree with each other, there is a fine line between disagreeing on an issue and pushing a social issue for your own personal beliefs. Again, you are taking a social issue and attempting to use it as a cause for a political and military problem, as terrorism is.

There are myriad underlying reasons for using terrorism, but terrorism is a tactic. The Arab and Muslim world would use their vast militaries to do the same thing if they weren't both totally inept and outgunned. There is NO reason that anyone should be determining the social, cultural, or political outcomes of another group of people just because they find it appalling or going against their own personal belief system.

This is the same problem that started at the end of the 19th Century and into the 20th that drove Empirish nations to think they knew better than the indigenous populations. The idea of The White Man's Burden and the disturbing social manipulation that occurred during the Progressive Era is the cause for most of the animosity towards the Western World. And since most Progressives today continue to push for a type of "Western World's Burden" in fixing all of the social and cultural ills they see in places they would otherwise never have heard of, the cycle will continue. Violence against women and children is appalling to anyone who has a heart and soul, and on that we can definitely agree.

But when you, and other Progressives and "do-gooders" want to export our so-called Enlightened ideals of social and cultural justice to countries and communities that do not have the historical or religious background to accept them, then you turn the people you are trying to help into our enemies.

Middle Eastern Terrorism Coming to the US through Its Mexican Border

You are right that violence of any kind begets violence, but so does telling others that they are wrong in the way they live and that they should be more like us. As a Soldier I understand just what violence does. If we look at it there is no single country in the world that follows full Islamic constitution. People have a habit of cherry picking, they take one bad example from Saudi Arabia, one from Pakistan, etc. Taliban like other western government likes to cherry pick from Islamic rules according to what fits their agenda.

Ah yes, the typical Islamic apologist argument "no country in the world follow pure Islam doctrine. It's so pathetic that these people need to go back more than a thousand years to find anything positive to say about their culture. As for women in the west:. A woman who is raped does need three male witnesses to convict the rapist. A woman in the west can have her husband jailed for beating her. A woman in the west does not have to worry her husband will practice "thighing" on her infant children honestly, you people are foul. A woman in the west has full protection under the rule of the law, equal to men.

In addition, now they don't need witnesses since we have ways to figure out rapist identity by taking DNA sample etc. By the way bashing in Islam is prohibited.

Policy and Administrative Approaches

Perhaps looks this up online and rethink how use it. Please spare us the pathetic attempt to portray your civilization as somehow progressive or pro-woman. In Saudi Arabia, possibly the purest expression of Islamic government in the world, women aren't allowed to drive. In Yemen children are married to old men who have full license to rape and beat them at will.

In Egypt women aren't even safe walking down the streets without suffering harassment and assault. This is commonly known throughout the world.

Instead of pretending like these things don't happen in your culture you should be working to stop them from happening. In the west we acknowledge that our culture has many problems and we work to constantly fix these. While your civilization has failed to achieve even basic human rights for women and many of your countries are little more than backwards, filthy slums many Muslims around the world pretend like they have the moral high ground. The fact that your response to the issue of women being beaten legally is that I "don't know the type of beating" speaks volumes. In my culture nobody is permitted to be beaten, in your culture this is acceptable and considered a positive aspect of family life.

It's a joke. Your civilization is a joke, you are a joke. This is where you confuse islam with culture, as I said earlier that there is no country in the world that follows islamic rule to the fullest. You are same as those people who like to pick and choose events or issues and claim that islams allows it. To my understanding you have very limited knowledge of islam and you are confusing culture values with islamic values. Islam is not homophobic all it says men and women who prefer same sex relationship has to do with influences in their life and it's not based on genetics.

I respectfully request that our discussions are civil and respectful of each other. I think that ship has probably sailed. Debating with someone who believes that marrying and raping a nine year old is acceptable is generally not a good use of time anyway, so I will bow out at this point.

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It's very convenient to say "Islam is awesome, it's just that the 1 billion Muslims on earth have got it all wrong! By the way you never got back to me on the issue of the legality of beatings disgusting by the way, and you should be ashamed. That's the difference between us, my people can admit their many, many faults and don't live in a fantasy land where the most brutal, barbaric, ugly faith on this planet is somehow liberating and uplifting. As for your question, women do have full and equal protection under the law, again, can you do some research I recommend Google dude.

Well talking to Jess is just like showing light to a blind person.

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  • The Western roots of “Middle-Eastern” terrorism.

That what most bigoted ignorant people do, they think that they won the argument in their minds. Your people can admit that they have lots of blood on their hand but still they want more by killing innocent people in order countries, occupying their territories, abusing human right etc. Most Barbaric ugly faith gave human rights yrs ago you never answered that. Look in to islam not culture and i recommend google as well. All you have to do is read the multiple daily reports of violence done in the name of Islam to get the real picture:.

Plus the following selection of news releases are specifically about atrocities done by followers of Islam that target women and children:. Women Forcibly Sterilized in Uzbekistan Report Details Human Trafficking in Sinai Cleric Teaches Children to Slaughter Christians Kidnapping of Kazahk 'Bride' Caught on Video Police Rescue Woman from Stoning London Doctor Charged with Genital Mutilation American Teacher Shot Dead in Benghazi Dubai Maid Impregnated by Year-Old Deaf Children Kept in Chains Hindu Woman Raped and Killed.

Junior Wife a Status Symbol in Kazakhstan Nuns Being Used as Human Shields You can read these news releases and hundreds of others detailing atrocities inflicted on women and children, on non-Muslims as well as on fellow Muslims Shiites vs Sunnis all done in the name of Islam, in their entirety, at:.

The Western Roots of “Middle-Eastern” Terrorism : Information Clearing House - ICH

These are horrible. I believe we must not be silent on these events. Thanks for contributing. Ensure that children are safe in their homes, schools, and community. What is the answer to preventing youth and school violence? Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine.

Eradicating Terrorism from the Middle East

Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Educating for the Future. Inflammation and the 3 Paths of Depression in Older Adults. While terrorism in the Middle East has spiked in recent years, there have been successes in combating terrorism elsewhere. One notable example is the ETA, the Basque separatist movement in Spain, which put down arms in Despite the intense media focus on terrorist activity around the world, the numbers of people actually killed by terrorist attacks has remained low.

Terrorism only killed 13, in , a relatively low number when compared with other types of violent death, namely armed conflict and interpersonal violence.

The Roots of Terrorism in the Middle East

One major consequence of the rise of international terrorism, particularly Islamic extremist groups, has been the global War on Terror. The War on Terror, which began in , has so far seen the full-scale invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other operations in Yemen, Pakistan and Syria. An important question is whether the global campaign against terrorism, known as the War on Terror, has made us any safer. Many commentators argue that the War on Terror has had the perverse effect of making us less safe, with some going as far as claiming the War on Terror is the leading cause of terrorism.

The internet has become a central tool for terrorists, largely replacing print and other physical media. It has allowed terrorist organisations to costlessly communicate their message and aims to the world, allowing them to recruit new members, coordinate global attacks and better evade surveillance. Their well-organised online propaganda campaign has seen them recruit thousands of foreign fighters. The increasing use of the internet was noted by Bruce Hoffman in Inside terrorism as early as The consequences of these developments [are] far-reaching as they are still poorly understood, having already transformed the ability of terrorists to communicate without censorship or other hindrance and thereby attract new sources of recruits, funding, and support that governments have found difficult, if not impossible, to counter.

Measuring the effectiveness of terrorism requires us to have both a well defined set of objectives for a given terrorist organisation as well as a definite way to determine success and failure. Yet if goal was to intimidate America and publicise the cause, it may be considered a success. With respect to the question of effectiveness, there are two opposing views in the literature. The first posits that terrorists are able to influence policy and public opinion and that terrorism is increasing worldwide simply because it is effective. The second view argues that terrorists hardly ever achieve their main objectives and that terrorist groups tend to be unstable and disintegrate over time.

Robert Pape, professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago, is a major proponent of the view that terrorism can be effective and his research focusses on suicide terrorism. Pape finds that suicide attacks targeted at democracies tend to be more effective at influencing policy. Max Abrahms argues that terrorism never succeeds. Abrahms analysed 28 groups designated as terrorist organisations by the US State Department in Ivan S. Sheehan has written on the importance of data quality in terrorism research and highlights several key issues that researchers must be aware of when using these datasets.

There was no formal hierarchy within Islam that taught individuals what the religion formally stood for. The conception, then, of a world order by extremist groups in Islamic society is one in which society returns to the principles outlined by true Islam in the form of a modern caliphate as argued by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. With this in mind, terrorism is a product of the perception of repressive authoritarian leaders failing to follow the undefined principles set by Islamic law.

With the roots of terrorism in the Middle East in mind, the question that arises is what can we do to address these complicated institutional problems? The answer is that the United States and the international community must be meticulous with terrorism rather than tough on terrorism. It must involve a focus on supporting domestic institutions that can be inclusive of all members of society. Nation building can only be effective when foreign actors understand the complex dynamics of Middle Eastern society.

Our nation building does not reflect this. However, the biggest effort in winning the war on terrorism has to be fought by moderate Muslims that will combat terrorism at a societal level rather than solely from an external level.

Fear not though, for there is cause for optimism. In the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack, tens of thousands of moderate Muslims and leaders of secular Muslim states have gathered in Paris to protest terrorism and extremism.