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Genealogy as Critique. Colin Koopman. Political Philosophy versus History? Jonathan Floyd. The Planning Theory of Law. Damiano Canale. The Limits of Political Theory. Kenneth B. The Scandal of Reason. Albena Azmanova. Objectivity in Law and Legal Reasoning. Jaakko Husa. Making Sense, Making Worlds. The Dynamics of Law and Morality. Wibren van der Burg. Philosophical Foundations of the Nature of Law. Stefan Sciaraffa. All in the Family. Kennan Ferguson. Reasonable Disagreement. Christopher McMahon. Neutrality and Theory of Law. The Fate of Law.

Austin Sarat. From Positivism to Idealism.

New waves in philosophy of law

Sean Coyle. Raymond Plant. Observing Law through Systems Theory. Professor Richard Nobles. Peta Bowden. Redefining Culture. John R.

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The Legacy of John Austin's Jurisprudence. Michael Freeman. Reflections on Values Education. Nigel Rapport. Legal Knowledge and Analogy. Rights Before Courts. Wojciech Sadurski. Identity Politics in Deconstruction. Carolyn D'Cruz.

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Autonomy, Authority and Moral Responsibility. Law, Ideology and Punishment. New Essays on the Normativity of Law. Dr Stefano Bertea. Foundations of Civil Justice. The Cambridge Companion to Dewey. Molly Cochran. Mireille Hildebrandt. Michel Foucault. Dr Lynn Fendler. Herman Dooyeweerd. Jonathan Chaplin. The Threads of Natural Law. The Rule of Law in Comparative Perspective.

Mortimer Sellers. Roger Crisp. Theorizing Culture. Barbara Adam. Legal Scholarship as a Source of Law. Informatics and the Foundations of Legal Reasoning. The Order of Public Reason. Gerald Gaus. The Adam Smith Review Volume 2. Vivienne Brown. Lawyers Making Meaning. Conscience and Love in Making Judicial Decisions. Alexander Nikolaevich Shytov. On Philosophy in American Law. Francis J. Mootz III. Law, Narrative and Reality. The Wrong of Injustice. Mari Mikkola. Fred D.

Miller Jr. Liberal Utilitarianism and Applied Ethics. Matti Hayry. Rational Lawmaking under Review. Dominion and Wealth.

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Truth, Politics, Morality. Cheryl Misak. Responsibility and Criminal Liability. The Limits of Social Science. Martyn Hammersley. Legal Spaces. Citizenship and the Ethics of Care. Selma Sevenhuijsen. Public Administration's Final Exam. Michael M. Jurisprudence as Ideology.

History of the Philosophy of Law (PHP)

Valerie Kerruish. Human Rights and Human Nature.

Duncan Pritchard

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