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Effect of the stationary phase. Amersham Pharmacia Biotech. Wirth, H.

Principle of Reversed-Phase Chromatography HPLC/UPLC (with Animation)

Sun, L. Moritz, R. Jilge, G. Retention and selectivity of proteins and peptides in gradient elution on non-porous monodisperse 1. Paliwal, S. Premstaller, A. Young, P. Poll, D. Thevenon, G.

Reversed phase

Welling, G. Frank, J.

Rozing, G. Lazoura, E. Personalised recommendations. You can read more about what information we collect and how we use your information on our Privacy Policy page. Analytical Chemistry. Note- check the animation for the principle of thin layer chromatography to understand how normal phase works Today reverse phase chromatography surfaces are used with HPLC high pressure liquid chromatography and even UPLC ultra pressure liquid chromatography systems making it a very useful tool for analytical chemists.


Animation of Reversed-Phase Chromatography Principle The animation below will explain the principle of reversed-phase chromatography. Sorry, either Adobe flash is not installed or you do not have it enabled Transcript: 1. Check out the following books for more information references : Introduction to Modern Liquid Chromatography. Lloyd R. Snyder et.

HPLC Separation Modes : Waters

Practical High-Performance Liquid Chromatography. Veronika R.

Basics of chromatography - Chemical processes - MCAT - Khan Academy

Wilfried M. Akul More From This Author. Hemant Bankhede December 26, By using these columns, you can achieve separation that cannot be done using only C Reversed Phase Specialty Columns Reversed phase HPLC columns have been widely used because of their superior resolution, high theoretical plate number and ease of use. Online Catalog Inquiries International Distributors. Cholesteryl Group.

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