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Providing corrective actions through running-specific testing

Certified professionals will come away with an understanding of ways to build on standard practice while gaining a new appreciation for the performance benefits that gait analysis can provide. The course has the following features: A discussion of the complexities of running biomechanics as they relate to muscular strength, flexibility, and anatomical alignment for the purpose of providing an advanced clinical assessment of gait Guidelines for assessing, treating, and preventing a range of common and not-so-common running injuries A detailed analysis of running biomechanics to help professionals identify the interactions of the kinetic chain and the causes of overuse injuries An online video library featuring 33 clips that demonstrate 15 of the biomechanical patterns discussed in the text Documented clinical examples to help practitioners apply the wealth of information in the book to their own practice Early chapters introduce readers to the basics of running-related injuries, foot mechanics, and shoe selection before progressing to discussions of knee and hip mechanics, ways to influence gait mechanics, and technical aspects of video gait analysis.

Via a detailed joint-by-joint analysis, the book pinpoints common problem areas for runners and describes protocols for treatment. Later chapters present case studies of injured runners to guide professionals through a detailed biomechanical analysis and treatment recommendations, and an overview chapter summarizes the interrelationships of movement patterns at each joint with anatomical, strength, flexibility, and kinetic chain factors.

At the conclusion of the course, a question exam on the content of the text follows.

Upon successful completion of the exam, a certificate of completion may be retrieved for submission to a certifying organization. Chapter 1. Incidence of Running-Related Injuries.

A Protocol for Two-Dimensional Running Gait Analysis

Chapter 2. Assessing Foot Mechanics. Chapter 3. Footwear Selection. Chapter 4.

  • The Equipment for a Running Gait Analysis.
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  • Clinical Solutions :: Running Mechanics and Gait Analysis.

Assessing Knee Mechanics. Chapter 5.


Assessing Hip Mechanics. Chapter 6. Proximal to Distal Relationships: Case Studies. Chapter 7.

Course Rationale

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Running Analysis using GaitON | A tool to analyse running mechanics

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