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Figure 2 Color online Cavity feeding rate for the phonon-assisted transition from the exciton to the cavity. The solid and dashed lines report results obtained from Eqs. Figure 3 Color online Spectra for driven dot-cavity system and for different quality factors.

Books by Y. Yamamoto (Author of Semiconductor Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics)

We use a level scheme consisting of the quantum-dot ground and excited states and the cavity. Figure 4 Color online Exciton decay for a dot embedded in the cavity and in the presence of phonon-assisted transitions. The solid and dashed lines report results of our density-matrix and master-equation approaches, respectively. For clarity, the decay transients for different detunings are offset in time. The inset reports results for the correlation function C t of the independent boson model The solid lines correspond to the analytic expressions, and the symbols show the results of the density-matrix approach.

Both results are in perfect agreement, thus demonstrating the accuracy of our numerical approach. Figure 5 Color online SE decay time of initially excited quantum dot for different quality factors and temperatures same line labeling as in Fig. The gray lines report results where phonon scatterings have been artificially neglected. In the insets we compare, for a smaller range of detunings, the density-matrix approach symbols with the perturbation approach solid lines , finding perfect agreement throughout.

Figure 6 Color online Spectrum of driven dot-cavity system, as depicted in Fig. One observes the formation of polariton states, which anticross at zero detuning as a result of strong coupling.

Cavity quantum electrodynamics with semiconductor double-dot molecules on a chip

The intensity is integrated over the regions indicated by the dashed lines in panel b. The bright lines show results of simulations where phonon scatterings have been artificially neglected. The numbers in circles are used for the discussion in the text, and the dashed line indicates the position of zero detuning where the two polariton modes have equal intensity.

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The dashed lines indicate zero detuning. The relative intensity of the polariton modes is computed by integrating over the area for the lower red [upper blue ] polariton for negative positive detunings, as indicated in Fig.

Quantum fluids of light in semiconductor microcavities by Jacqueline Bloch

For discussion see text. Figure 8 Color online Time evolution of biexciton and exciton populations in the biexciton cascade decay.

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In the simulations, at time zero only the biexciton is populated, which decays via the exciton states to the ground state. To select a subset of the search results, click "Selective Export" button and make a selection of the items you want to export. The amount of items that can be exported at once is similarly restricted as the full export.

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Cavity quantum electrodynamics with semiconductor double-dot molecules on a chip

Author Richards, Benjamin Colby. Issue Date Keywords microcavities optics photonic crystals semiconductors. Advisor Gibbs, Hyatt M.