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In Ike and Tina eloped to Tijuana where they honeymooned in a whorehouse as Ike forced her to watch a live sex show immediately after their marriage ceremony. She started to practice the powerful chanting of Buddhism and things dramatically began to shift. Tina filed for divorce from Ike, though she seriously doubted her marketability as a solo act, at the age of Things finally began to look up for Tina with her years of living as a victim far behind her, as she won a Grammy in for her Private Dancer album which sold eight million copies in its first year.

While Tina was accustomed to living alone, and in all likelihood found it a relief after the emotional baggage she carried from her first marriage, she makes it clear for the reader that she was looking for just the right companion. Yet they hit it off immediately. The good stuff kept piling up. She earned the Kennedy Center honors in , and appeared as the cover girl for German Vogue at the age of Tina married the love of her life, Erwin, in in a star-studded wedding at her home in Switzerland.

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But things turned horrendous when, three months after the wedding she had a stroke, and doctors found her kidney function seriously compromised. In she was successfully treated for intestinal cancer, but had to begin dialysis as her kidneys worsened. As the ultimate loving, selfless gesture, Erwin offered Tina one of his kidneys and surgery was performed in While Tina finally began to heal after a laundry list of health challenges, there was one more test to her very will to live: She and Erwin were about to celebrate their fifth anniversary when her son, Raymond Craig, committed suicide after a life of depression.

Tina Turner should be the heroine to whom every survivor of domestic violence aspires. I definitely recommend this book for a look at how an extremist family can live in this country.

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However, be warned that part of this extremism is potent racism and gun culture. This book is so delightful. But although obviously not everything is light-hearted when it comes to gender in society, this memoir feels just as liberating to listen to as it does for the author, whose liberation is the scaffolding of the book. I really like Abbi Jacobsen and relate to a lot of aspects of this story, specifically to her inner turmoil around love, identity, and self-worth. She is very funny and also very earnest, which works for me.

Also her illustrations are great! I super enjoyed this little memoir, and would absolutely recommend it to Broad City obsessives like me!

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She is a fascinating and complicated human being who I loved reading about. But the thing I loved most about this book is how much empathy both the author and Sandra have for the clients of the cleaning business.

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As a reader I felt this empathy and respect too. A lot of times, hoarders or other people who may need this kind of service for whatever reason usually having to do with isolation are sensationalized and portrayed as subjects to either be despised or pitied. I feel like I learned a lot from this book and got a really good story too. Highly recommend! I read this book as a buddy read with some bookstagram friends, which totally enriched my experience.

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I found myself spending a lot of time with it because the sentences are constructed in such a way that they are dense and a little circumspect, like a lot of parables or religious texts are. It seems that the magical realism shows up in opposition to oppression, which is something someone in my buddy read group pointed out that I found really interesting and a great subversion technique. I also found the intersection of language and colonialism to be well-rendered in this story, which is something I think gets overlooked a lot.

The other thing that struck me was the homoeroticism, which may not be the best word, but there are a couple of same-gender friendships that seemed to blur the line into intimate partner love. This tiny little thriller-esque book has been making the rounds every which way on the bookternet, and since it fulfills a Reading Women prompt and also everyone seems to at least like it, I decided to get the audio from the library.

My Love Story

I am not usually a thriller person. I have very low threshold for violence and gore.

This Is Not A Love Story (Original Song)

I like how it deals with a sister relationship, fortified through shared trauma but also just through that alchemy that makes sisters love each other no matter what. That relationship grounded this book that otherwise would not be my first choice due to much murder and heteros. Also, I like the setting of this book a lot, it gives a good sense of place in Lagos with brief detailed descriptions that convey a solid sense place.

Overall I recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick, entertaining read that centers non-western women of color. The Far Field by Vijay Madhuri. I have very mixed feelings about this book. There are a lot of things I really like about it, not least that Vijay is extremely skilled at creating atmosphere and a vivid sense of place. There are a lot of characters in this story that I was invested in, and I liked getting to know them.

The relationship between the protagonist, Shalini, and her mother was really well written and nuanced, painful but felt very real. At a certain point though, the plot got too unwieldy. I was still in for most of it until the end, when one scene in particular really made me angry and kind of ruined the book for me. Like why??? That scene was so unnecessary and it really disgusted me because I hate when super powerful men are portrayed as having effortless power over young women. This book had the potential to be a 4-star read but the ending really disappointed me.